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Project Description

Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Light

Product Details

Model: EYA10
Configuration: U-Shape
Max. LED Strip Width: 12 mm
Channel: Extruded Aluminum
Cover: Milky PC


  • Meet and exceed US safety standards
  • This led strip light channel can accommodate LED strips that are 8-12 mm wide
  • Metal mounting clips provides easy and secure installation
  • Frosted Light diffuser slightly diffuses the light to create softer, smoother, desirable lighting effect
  • It not only protects the strip lights from dust and other undesirable elements, but also works as a metal heat sink that helps to spread the heat generated by the working light



Technical documents available

Details & Overview

High Quality Aluminum Channel Cooling system

This channel using high-quality Aluminum material which will make good heat dissipation for the led strips. If use led strips alone, the strips will keep very hot inside led chip, it will be dim very fast. The aluminum channel system will make led cooler and last longer, also will make light looks beautiful.